At LABTECH we know it’s important to have functional machine at any time. Those machines are vital to your business that is why we offer several quality services to our customers.



LABTECH has his own laboratory of service and calibration where all the measuring devices are preventively calibrated. Periodic maintenance and calibration extend the life expectancy of your measuring instruments.
We make the adjustment of the measuring system. Thanks to the precision of our settings, we are not only going to extend the life expectancy, but will also enable you to get the most accurate measures possible for you device.

If you doubt the indication of your measuring instrument, LABTECH can make a control for you. This can be important in the following situations  :

  • We doubt the smooth running of the measuring device further to a fall, a bad blow or an intensive use
  • A defined test point is very important for the desired application
  • The calibration is part of an ISO procedure for your business

Following the proper calibration of your measuring device, a certificate will be provided.

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Calibration normally follow the settings of your device. We work on various type of hardware and realize a quote before any intervention. A team of technicians is at your service to provide you tailored solutions to your needs.

Object and application field

– The calibration services within the areas of our accreditations give rise to the issuance of a calibration certificate.

– The purpose of our maintenance interventions is to check the smooth running of the means of measures and determine compliance according to their characteristics.

– The audit intended to compare the results obtained to the maximum permissible errors, with specifications or manufacturer’s data.

Normative reference

– The whole system is built around the specific standards metrology function in the company.

Measurement methods

– The implementation verification method is a method of comparison to our reference calibrated instruments.

– The instruments used have superior performance than the audited devices.

– Our laboratory standards or reference instruments are calibrated by accredited laboratories (EA).

The laboratory calibrations

Calibration certificates or checks reports are issued at the end of each performance. Copies of attachments of our standards and controls means are attached to our reports.

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Parts for sale

We supply parts for all our products.Original parts and high quality  the estimation is formulated before proceeding to the shipment. We quickly make the delivery for you. Indicate the brand and the model of your part when ordering, we will ship it as soon as possible.

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We offer the maintenance and the repair, as well as the laboratory certification, for a large number of instruments used in the fields of pulps and papers, plastics and metals. In order to minimize the expensive periods of breakdown, our repairs are made on-site everytime it is possible to do so. The estimate is made before proceeding to the work or to the on-the-spot visit. For the equipments that require special expertise, we offer commissioning as well as training of you lab’s staff.
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The performance of your equipment can deteriorate during its life expectancy. The component wear out, updates become available and the process often require new features to improve availability and performance.
We offer the refurbishment to restore your device in its original state.

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For more information on all maintenance and repair services offered, contact our maintenance and repair service.