Available in either 24″ or 36″ sizes, the Labtech Speed Dryers permit rapid drying of hand-sheets after pressing,prior to evaluation.

The uniformly distributed heat from the drying surface reduces the moisture content of paper samples. The drying surface is highly polished to facilitate hand-sheet removal.


  • Anodized aluminum drying surface or Teflon drying surface
  • Maximum temperature: 150° celcius
  • Long-life nomex drying pad
  • Digital Temperature Controller with operator lock out feature
  • Separate control box located beneath the frame for longer component life
  • Full width elements for uniform heat dispersion
  • Insulated body for reduced perimeter heat loss
  • Wide black monocast handle which remains cool
  • Available in drying surface of 24″ x 14″ or 36″ x 14″

We also rebuild existing speed dryers to like new condition at substantial savings. A new product warranty is offered on all rebuilt speed dryer.

Ordering Info

Model: SD24E or SD36D
Elect.: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
Shipping dimensions and weights:
-24″ model: 45″ x 25″ x 20″, 85 lbs
-36″ model: 45″ x 25″ x 20″, 105 lbs