Loose or weakly bound (nano) particles in tissue and other paper can cause production problems or even undesired effects in use. To reduce the amount of these particles, it is required to have much detailed information about them such as size classification, the nature, and the amount present in each production stage and on the end-product is necessary.


The solution for assessment of particles present at the surface of Tissue Papers is DustView!

Fast, simple and accurate; DustView is an innovative and practical method of measuring the loose or weakly bound (nano) particles present on the surface of tissue and other papers, right after production or after converting.

DustView provides relevant information for

  • General paper makers
  • Tissue product makers
  • Tissue converters
  • Suppliers to the tissue industry


  • Uses the latest High Definition technology. Can detect particles as small as 2 μm
  • Calculates Particle Size Distribution
  • Delivers results within 30 s
  • Allows for generating a Cross Direction Profile of the Dusting tendency
  • Automatically archiving of results and images generated during the tests


  • Medical tissue
  • Facial tissue
  • Toilet papers and table napkins
  • Paper towels
  • Wrapping tissue
  • All paper based tissue used in a DUST sensitive environment
  • Newsprint
  • Coated and calendared papers Features

It is now possible to correlate the relation between the amount of particles present on the surface of the tissue, to the origin and the different stadia in the production process, such as the dosing of chemicals and the condition of creping blades and cutting knives. DustView is a further development of the proven LintView technology, already used by various paper manufacturers all around the world.