The quality of the pulp is a decisive factor in the paper’s production. Labtech manufactures a complete range of test equipment for pulp’s paper.

The pulp and papers industry is very competitive and presents a great challenge facing the rising price of energy raw materials. At the same time, the paper quality requirements are increasing and the tolerance is decreasing. It became increasingly important to reduce manufacturing costs. Our products contribute to the paper’s quality improvement, reducing manufacturing costs. It also reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy.

Our solutions go of the fiber and automated analysis by some dough, broadcasting stations of coherence, sensors of humidity, any sorts of instruments of laboratorie’s test paper of laboratory, the system automated by control of paper, to various types of service contracts. Our products represent a safe investment, and supply pulp and papers with satisfied customers and greater profitability, all around the world.

Our goal is to minimize the periods of breakdown and to maximize the return on the instruments we manufacture. Our technicians are available to answer your questions and listen your suggestions. Since the distance is the greatest enemy of our ability to provide a good service of maintenance and repair service, we designed our instruments by thinking the user. Whenever it was possible, we opted for universally available electronic and pneumatic components.

Labtech also supplies quality control instruments made by major international companies. Please refer to the “Partners” section for more details.